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ADHD is the number #1 reason children are medicated in the US.
Our office is dedicated to helping individuals and families dealing with ADHD find real solutions using the latest and most technologically advanced non-drug treatments.

We recognize that there is an epidemic in the United States involving our children and neurodevelopmental disorders.  ADHD is at the top of the list.  It now affects up to 10% of the school aged children.

We also recognize that the traditional therapies are failing our children.  Not only are they not working well, they are causing harm.  A recent FDA study linked ADD/ADHD medication use with a increased chance of sudden death.  There is another study that has linked one of the medications to cancer.  None of these medications have been studied on the long term effects either.  All completely unacceptable.  All given to children by well meaning parents trying to help their children.  Where do these parents turn?

Dr. Jeremy Martin has developed a system that analyzes the ADHD patient from a neurological standpoint, a metabolic standpoint, and a nutritional standpoint.  There is no one cause for ADHD and therefore, there is no one treatment.  Each patient is an individual and should be treated that way.

Here is the best parts about our treatment protocol: 
#1 There are no side effects
#2 We get results!

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