Important Notes
Approximately 2/3 of children with ADHD will continue to have problems into adulthood.

There is a high correlation with unresolved ADHD and jail time/legal problems.

Adult ADHD is a real problem.  There is hope for those people too!

  • Brainmapping (determines any neurological compromise in the lobes of the brain)

  • Neuro Integration Therapy (computerized treatment which corrects brain wave function)

  • Brain Based Therapies (a combination of different types of neurological stimulation that balance the hemispheres of the brain)

  • Food Reactivity Testing (what we put in our body can cause inflammation of the brain)

  • Neurological Exam (determines if a Functional Disconnection Sydrome is present)

  • Autoimmune Testing (dysfunction of the immune system can lead to major problems)

  • Intestinal Permeability Testing (our barrier systems are very important to brain health)

  • Metabolic Testing (blood sugar, iron levels, and thyroid function can all play a role)

  • Microbial Profiles (certain infections can cause brain dysfunction)

  • Tailor Made Care Programs (based on your goals and your needs)

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